short film vfx help needed! please respond.

hey all,

i have been roped into a short film, and they need some fvx shots that are quite vfx heavy, i have only got the storyboards today and its much more then i thought they would need, they are also shooting later on today. so i dont have much time.

one of the shots they want is a spinning urn on a bookshelf. i imagine i will have to create a replica in blender, the model is easy, the animation i would figure out, and the compositing i would most likely do in AE,

what i need to know is how to prepare for creating a replica that matches the urn on set… i have a bit of experience with match moving so im not to worried about that.

how would youu go about shooting/planning for this vfx?

thanks for any assistance

Instead of going into great depth asking you questions (which I had just spent 5 minutes doing!)- why don’t you post a few stills of the video? Give us something to sink our teeth into.


Stills of the storyboard, that is…

If you need to replicate a real-world object you’ll want as many reference photos of it as you can. You’ll need to replicate the lighting that was used on set, so it’s very important that you know exactly how it was lit, and the exact measurements of the object. For the same reasons, knowing about the camera that was used to film it will be important to match that as close as possible.

SamiBoy he probably can’t those are owned by the company or individuals he is doing it for and they may not want any of that sent or shown. Saying something is one thing but showing something can clearly show or just even hint at how they plan on doing it. Which they would not want copied. To answer if you watch like making of star Wars specifically the parts talking about CG and pretty much any you will notice they always have the grey and shiny ball to show lighting on soft material and on more shiny objects. In the Tomb Raider Movie when they had a live object they needed to replicate they took careful measurements and images. Pretty much the same as Consideringthepickle Said but with some reference to some visual examples of how others have done it.

You need to know Lighting, Textures, Shape and Scale. That is a pretty broad question so you probably guessed that much.

Thanks for your advice guys, i ended up shooting the actual urn, but wired it up to give it the movement, (the reason i wanted a 3d urn) but shot a clean plate so i can remove the wires, and i shot some stills of the urn in its lighting, in a few positions so i can use those stills as a patch for the wires on it.

thanks though, i really appreciate the ability to get help on these forums. so thanks alot. and yeah it was a pretty broad question, was just wanting to know if there was anything i was missing.