Short film VFX shot - exploding front facade of house

I am working on a short mockumentary about a french woman who looks for love, that I shot last week. Following her eviction from her home, there is gas explosion which blows out the house’s facade. It was an idea that I had during the shoot, so I was nt really thinking straight when I had it. I thought that with alot of hard work and even more tutorial time, I would be able to succeed this feat; something that Andrew Kramer does in under an hour. (LOL) Sadly, I am a naive Blender neophyte who has bitten off more than I can chew. So I am looking for help.
I have attached a frame from the film of the facade. I have played with the cell fracture addon, fiddled with the fire and smoke generators, followed tutorials and realised that I don’t know what I am doing.
If anyone is interested in helping out or guiding me through how I can make this difficult shot work, please do not hesitate to contact me either publicly or privately.
many thanks
PS. I can do the composting with 2D elements but I need the fractures and debris to make this look real.


whell, I can do the explosion of the facede but the smoke and other things not, :confused: I am not to familiar with the smoke physics and particles system, but I can do the fracture. :smiley: a sample that what I made with cell fracture.

My reply work? i am new here…

Thank you for the reply. In the mean time, I have started the fracture process using a tutorial that seems better adapted to my needs

, so I hope that I can manage that. It is getting the particles and smoke right that seems to be hard.Therefore I don’t think I will need your help after all. I would like to thank you for offering. It is very generous of you.
Your facebook links do not work for me, so it is a shame that I cannot see what you have already done.
Many thanks for the offer. You are truly in the blender spirit.

wow, good tutorial, and the facebook link, I dont know why is not working, I am from brazil so I dont think you can see things from brazil facebook…
or is a privacy option…