Short Film WIP: Owl Creek - Weekly Updates

Updated thumbnail

2 characters from the short I am working on in my spare time. More to come.


Added basic face animation. baked sound to f-curve for lipsync as that’s the limit of my current animation capabilities. Suggestions and comments welcome.

Added rigged body to the soldier

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Did you make the models? Looking good.

Thanks! Yes, modeled by me. It turned out more cartoony than I wanted but I will have to do with my current skills.
The short film is based on Ambrose Bierce’s -An occurance at owl creek bridge. New updates everday.

Location 1 of the short: Please be generous with your critique, feedback .
Also, I kind of like the renders without hdri (last 2 images) with dark shadows. What do you guys think?

Poster idea: (rendered in Eevee)

First scene animated. Please leave your feedback, comments to make it better.


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