Short Film - Yosemite

My name is Anson Adams and I am going to be posting a few behind-the-scenes images from an ongoing production I am very excited to be a part of. I am creating a few animated scenes for a feature film coming out next year.

As with my portrait featured on Blender Guru, I will respond to constructive feedback here on the forums. Comments on physical accuracy as well as artistic style are welcome. Thanks!

Latest render:

Bear character:

Hi AnsonAdams27,

Pretty cool stuff! It give a bit the feeling of puppet, which is really cool! I would love to see the feeling of the animation.

For the bear, It gives the feeling of rock but it’s kind of cool at the same time. The things that catch my eyes are the paws, I don’t find that they are at the level of the rest.

For the character, the face is pretty cool, the facial hair looks a bit too 3D patchy for me, maybe it’s the feeling between the texture (very clean) and the hair that don’t connect…

Also the bottom of the character… pants and shoes seems to be a bit overlooked.

But great work so far!!!


I’m thinking about adding fur to the paws, so thanks for confirming that!

What do you mean by overlooked? Do they feel lacking in detail compared to the rest of the character?

Thanks Mathias!

yeah, maybe adding some detail would help! :slight_smile:

Some test expressions from the facial rig. It combines shape keys, which move the face mesh along the tangent (as if a muscle underneath is pulling), and driver-controlled displacement maps to move the mesh along the normal (wrinkled, bunched up skin).

The beard has been adjusted as suggested by Mathias. Thanks!

This looks promising!

Very nice deformation!!! Cool facial rig!

That’s very good!!! I really have to learn how to do that!!! :slight_smile:

WIP from scene 1. Getting excited with where this is going!

Another WIP render. Trying to push those pink/purples and yellows.

Does the top right area of the composition feel imbalanced?

Close up! Ended up using some fake lighting on the acorn with the Geometry > Normals node and isolating various color components.

That’s how you get stuff done in a production environment :wink: Nobody has time to mess with faulty reflections/shadows IRL LOL

First draft look dev of a night scene. Switching backgrounds into AE with its environment texture capabilities to cut render times.