short film

my brother and I recently got into moviemaking, and in order to create some special effects I used blender. I know these results are slightly shoddy, but we only had three days to really work on the entire thing. Any criticism would be appreciated!

It actually looks that there is your whole family doing that movie with you. :slight_smile:
I understand that you had no so much of results, so I don’t wanna add much any criticism to this. Somehow this movie made me smile. :slight_smile:

Nice! A family that films together stays together! My entire family (all adults now) are involved in film making. My son and I do it for a living, my daughters just like being part of the crew, and my wife likes to think she is in charge… Take a look at some of the weekend film competitions like the 48 hour film project. You would all probably have a blast with them.

Now for the critique…

First, in any film story is key. Crappy story, crappy film. Your story was good.

Excellent job all around! I am going to assume the grey squares are tracking markers. I don’t know what editor you used, but if it is any of the professional ones they have something called a “garbage mask” If you used the VSE you can also use garbage masks to remove them. There is a tracking tutorial (you’ll have to google for it) where the author tracks their desk top and it shows you how to remove the markers with Blender.

Great use of props! An ohm meter makes a great IV! You did a good job with the camera work. I like the run down the stairs. You followed the action but it was not too shaky. But, you have too many long shots. (in my opinion) There were places you could have cut to different angles for more dramatic effect. One place that comes to mind is the second time the patient gets up and sees the “doctor”. Cutting to a close up of the patient’s face, then back to the action might show how tense the situation is.

All and all I give it two thumbs up! Super kudos to your family for supporting you! Consider yourself lucky to have parents that support your film making.

Thanks so much for the comment! I totally understand what you mean with the markers and the shots, Next time I make a video I’ll keep that in mind!

It was an interesting clip. 9 times out of 10, I would like to see some dialogue in a clip. I was never a big fan of silent movies. Any way, I saw one effect of the use of Blender and it was good. As Place once said the camera angles need to have more close up shots to make it more dramatic. The last thing I would like to point out that in the last caption about a fact on how fast the infected particles can fly, it’s suppose to be than instead of then. Over all, good job.

appreciate it!