Short Films

Hey, I’m new to BlenderArtists, however been a Blender user for years, just wanted to post some short’s which I have made utilizing Blender.

I made A Peter Lorre Like Person Meets Dracula VS. ZOMBIES!!! last year for Halloween. It uses Blender for everything, save some texture painting in GIMP and audio work in Audacity. The animation is pretty rough and it’s SD, but here it is anyway:

The Times and Trials of Mr. the Gingerbread Man: The Musical I made last Christmas. Still, everything done in Blender except audio and some texture painting. I filmed the video using my desk lamp, $8 worth of green cloth from walmart for my greenscreen on my iPhone 4s. Still SD.

Starlight has little 3D animation, but utilizes Blender compositor for green-screen removal and grading. I edited it in Windows Movie Maker, edited audio in Audacity, and did some picture editing in Gimp. I just put together several old boards for the set and covered it in boxes and things. Again, it’s filmed using the same green-screen and iPhone as Mr. G, however I had a halogen work light and two car window reflectors for lighting.

As well, you can find more videos on my YouTube channel am5 Entertainment, here: