short flash animation

heres a short flash animation im working on… its going to be for a banner where the guy sneaks in and blows up a word and it changes into something… what do you guys thing about the walkcycle/entrance?

edit: oops forgot the link heh

DUDE THAT TOTALY ROCKS!!! :slight_smile:

Excellent. Exaggeration is key in animation. That’s what makes it animation.

great! just perfect :slight_smile:

lovely!! 8)

i like it! :stuck_out_tongue:

i watched it again and now i see a thing:
when he comes down with the rope he doesnt hit the ground “soft”,
he falls like a stone… I hope you get what i mean :wink:

kaktuswasse- yea i kinda see what your saying… maybe i should make him land crouched down more then have him get up and then walk?

yeah, thats what i mean.

heh… looking nice. what is that final thing he does before dropping the bomb?? spreading arms and taking one step?


1 crit…

he takes far too long (advetising wise) to make it across the width of the banner… 2 ideas…

  1. either have something happening ‘behined’ him as he walks across to keep us interested… like starting to reveal the name in question, or
  2. make it so when he lands, instead of sneeking across, he would zip like a cartoon character and reach the end dropping the TNT…

it’s totally up to you, I mean, it could work and people would watch it… but it’s not grabbing my 100% attention the whole time… you may not want that… as I don’t want to be brainwashed…

thank you :wink:

ya i know what you mean… but when i actually implement it into my site he wont be walking nearly as far, maybe only lik 3 steps before he drops the tnt, i just made it longer so you could get a better look at the walk

Thats REALLY cool! :Z He looks like Zoro without the mask! One thing…should he be standing that close to the dynamite or should he “toss” it?

His head must hurt after all that walking… you should have him blow accross the screen from the dynamite…

Or maybe blow him to little silouhetted pieces :wink:

actually im ganna have it blow him up… hes just ganna turn to ash and fall apart :wink:

btw, how’d you do something like this with flash?
Do you modify the object for every frame?

i just drew each frame by hand with a drawing tablet and with onion skinning on so i could see the previous frame

okay, i was wondering if flash has any char-anim tools :wink: