Short focus but clear background, possible?

Maybe this is impossible, but I would find it handy: Is it possible to have a short focus on an object, so that the ground it is sitting on is blurred, but the world background still clear and not blurred?

My project right now is to try to get the ground mesh to blend in with the world background (a background I shot myself that I’d like to use, even though it’s a bit blurry to begin with.) Right now the ground mesh looks very sharp against the background, and I thought a depth of field adjustment could be a way to fix it. Or perhaps there is a better way? As it is now the short focus also blurs the background too much, my wish is it to not be affected. (My wisdom in cameras tell me this is an impossible request, but since it’s not a camera but a computer I’m working with, then maybe?)

I’m only a few months in on learning Blender (2.82 and now just downloaded 2.91) so simple explanations is appreciated. :slight_smile:

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Can you show an example of your scene? What you want is impossible from a photographic standpoint, but achievable in Blender using a transparent background (still taken into account for reflections and lighting if we’re talking about an HDRI) and then compositing the sharp focus background back on post render.

What people might do when rendering an object to sit within a photograph is not add a new ground plane they’d then have to blend with the background plate. They’d render the object sitting on a shadow catcher… a surface invisible to the camera but which allows the shadow of the object to be cast onto it. Then they’d composite the render onto their backplate

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Ok, as I guessed then. I had hoped there was a convenient setting to solve it, but I guess the two step approach is what I have to take.

Here’s a shot of my project. I wanted to be able to film the statue from different angles, therefor creating a world around it to be fairly consistent. My homemade HDRI lacks the ground, it’s only a single color part that my 3d ground will have to cover (you can see it at the right side of the scene, I rised the view to show it, but in the film angles it will not show).

It’s the edge of the 3d ground I’d like to make a little bit more blurry, if possible. If not, I guess I can call it a difference in distance and try to cover it a bit with fog instead, but it would be nice to blur it.