Short Intro Animation

Alright so I just made a thread but I didnt know I couldn’t post links with only a couple posts, so it didnt show up. So hopefully it doesn’t appear later on. I’m new to 3d animation and would like to learn blender. I have been doing video production for 2 years now and would like to create a short intro animation for my films. I am attending Humboldt State University this summer so I came up with a new company called “Humboldt Cinema.” I created a storyboard for you guys to view so you have a better idea of what I picture in my head.

The basic idea is that a deer is grazing in the middle of the road. A car horn honks and headlights light up the deer, but before the car appears in the scene a giant rock smashes the deer. Its feet stick out from underneath. The camera pans down to a dramatic shot and reveals the rock actually spells out Humboldt. A redwood tree sits on each side of the word, and the word Cinema sits underneath the asphalt. Underneath the asphalt is also tree roots that entangle the word Cinema.

I am a noob so like every noob I need some help getting started. So any suggestions along the way are encouraged. I plan to take this project slow so I can learn alot about the program. I plan to start modeling the slab of road first. Does anyone know how I can get road lines over a cracked asphalt texture?

Thanks in advance for your help.

I’m glad that you put some of your personal work to help attract members to your project. In my opinion, and from experience, getting others to do the work for you just doesn’t work. Not many folks are learning blender just to help a noob get his/her idea off the ground. Nothing annoys a techie more that having a noob ask questions that they should find for themselves.

You can try learning blender, getting up a deer meshed, rendered, rigged and so on . . . and then present this to the public for help.

Please understand that I’m not being negative, but if you scour this forum for similar requests, your approach comes in the bottom 10% for attracting help for your project. Best of luck dude, and you may wish to check our project - for some ideas on getting your plan off the ground.

I didnt ask anyone to do my work for me, that would take the fun out of it. I’m simply posting this like every other thread in this forum to get suggestions and comments along the way. It also encourages me to keep with it and finish my project.

And yea people dont learn blender to help others but teaching others is the best way to teach yourself.

If you have a texture like this, only black and white indicating where the lines should be, you can use the texture channels (in the material editor…section) to mix them together.

The manual pages are very useful and could probably answer 90% of your questions so don’t hesitate to look around!

Thanks. Yea I wasnt even thinking all I had to do was put my texture in photoshop and paint road lines over it. I decided the road looks to bare so I’m modeling a street lamp right now. Its the first thing I’ve ever modeled without a tutorial so its taking some time. I’ll post the results when I’m done.

So I just got back from my trip and was able to finish up the setting with the lamp and road. I thought I’d post it, as it will be a while for me to be able to get what even closely resembles a deer. I’m happy with the results so far and have learned a ton of new things about blender.

That’s looking pretty solid so far. Now here’s the thing, since it’s going to take so long to get your deer, what you should do is put a cube in as a placeholder then make the entire rest of the scene, animation, camera angles, lighting, background, text - everything. Just like you’ve done with the sketched storyboard, you’ll feel much better with a ‘finished’ scene after weeks of work than a solitary model hanging in 3d space.

Yea that would make me feel better but Im nervous I’ll go through all that work and not be able to create a deer. I think the deer will be the hardest part and I just want to get that out of the way if I can. Its something to think about though. Thanks alot for your help and suggestions.

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Here’s my work from today. The deer suprisingly took shape fairly fast. I didnt really get around to fine tuning the head, thats why my deer looks like a doberman pinsher. Sadly my spring breaks over so progress is gonna slow alot especially with AP tests coming up. Oh well. C&C welcome cause I know it needs a little.