Short intro clip needed for company's videos

Hi I’m James owner of wimbikes, I am in need of a animation clip that would be upto 20 or 30 secs to place as a intro. I have some ideas of our company logo being used. The company is called wheels in motion bikes we trade as wimbikes. We build high powered electric bikes and would like a electric theme have ideas but don’t haVe time to learn this software as busy with many other aspects of this business at moment hence why posting at 1am :frowning:

If there any one out there willing to take on this for us we are willing to pay for time don’t have any funds to dedicate to this but can fund personally as really think this help with company brand

if contact me can give idea of what looking to do basic brief. 3d logo spinning and 3d text somehow pulsing electricity.

[email protected]

thanks any help much appreciated

I emailed you, thanks.

Is this kina what you want with the logo?


This is what looking for would like animation with logo spinning like sparks that andrew did.
like all to look like heavey metal. Like bolt to drop in and crack floor then pulses of power come across ground to bolt which charges the bolt till it starts glowing and radiating lightning from the dot above the bolt cascading down the remaining letters once bolt fully charged logo comes to a sharp stop like it just jammed instant stop logo is red hot glowing with heat an smouldering glowing abit. We build highest powered cycles so want the feel of un controlable power or to much power just dieing to come out. Asif the air its self is electrified fink tooo many volts to much power like inside of thunder storm im oped for suggestions need upto 30 sec clip that screams technology power high voltage with our company logo in there looking cool


want the logo to be spinning and sparks like this into like how camera angle is and fades in and out

if my logo could spin and spark like that video
like text to be metal and look heavy and asif contains electricity and power
if bolt dropped in from sky wedging into the floor where are lines and energy running through floor which now id all pulsing into the bolt traveling up it charging the dot at top of bolt. which then starts sparking like a Tesla coil lightning cascading over other letters bouncing around them but all been emitted from bolt and energy coming in along lines in floor powering up bolt now bolt fully charged electric flying out the bolt. logo comes so a very sharp stop and now is glowing with heat from sparks. smoldering

this just a idea
our company is all about making electric bikes that have more power that could imagine 70mph push bikes with so much power inside just dieing to come out and so much inside struggling to hold it back. asif the air is electified even so much power / voltage.
the aim of video for advertising videos on youtube as intro for all of our videos on bike when click want intro to have the feeling or provoke thoughts like this
high voltage
high power
futuristic technology
huge amount of energy
sci fi feel

this my first idea sure you will have more ideas
i don’t know how much this will cost so looking for bids really i am willing to take multipules of different intros aslong as look good and have the company ethos
"electrically anything is possible

yes but hollow and appear metal thicker

Here idea to help

Looking for 30 sec animation but look real. want logo 3d thick and spinning like sparks inthis video

also like way fades in and out
Wimbikes being in metal the bolt falling in from sky or lightning strike maybe.
Want my logo to be like in sparks video spinning appear like metal and pulsing with power. The dot in the bolt like a tesla coil sparking and hitting letters and floor
Could this be done

Want to have the feel of lots of power. Power bursting to get out. Its overcharged and energy in the air

Lasting 30 secs before our youtube videos so people see the intro and know its ours straight away and look futuristic and cool like tron

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What kind of metal, brushed aluminum or cast iron…
Any font preference?

Like logo on main website I like font in it with thunderbolt as the I in bikes
Brushed alu thinking


I sent an email. Really like the style you are going for! its something I specialize in.

I suggest the WIM logo to rotate counter-clockwise (because of its shape).

And to fix the sparks problem:
Let the sparks ‘pour’ into the WIMBIKES and then the electricity will slowly turn it into a metal…

Just a suggestion.

Love your style! Sent you a message.

My eyes are getting tired and won’t focus anymore today.
I don’t think it will possible to intergrate a floor since the scene lighting reflects off it. Someone else might have better luck with the light path node.
How about something like this:

Btw what resolution are you looking for? Remember, it’s easy to take a high resolution video and make it smaller but it doesn’t work the other way around. Some people might also charge more for time it ties up their computer.
I went to college for electronics and computer technology so I’m impressed by the bikes you make. You may wish to have someone model your bikes so buyers can get a 360 view with multiple paint schemes. Just something I’ve seen before.

Just messing around. This is what it might look like glowing:

My Logo work

mail me if you like

patricia3d, says the video is private.

Sorry. Sattled
watch that and this also

check out my works here, if you like contact me

Hi everyone thanks for the massive response really impressed I have taken on a designer but have had that many suggestions and attempts that really impress me so I will say this I can offer $50 for any1 that can make me a clip that impresses me. I know this is a insult to the professionals out there but this is aimed at the people who can use software and have nothing to practice on. I’m willing to take on 4 or so extra if think good enough to be used. Thanks for all responses don’t have much time to respond on here but any one out there wanting to make a video show me end result if like will PayPal for proper video can only spare $50 on these extra and don’t really have time to go through with emails as very busy with many other aspects of the company.i think there enough info here to make a clip so any 1 out there.
macktruck that bolt exactly the thing but moving and lots more think tesla coil

thanks all please no more requests for the job now taken on some1 only have additional '$50 for any1 who can take on do the video and show me a end product if like will pay. Again please don’t be insulted not looking for team just putting offer out there any saying I could do that easy willing to contribute but again don’t have time to email back and forth just see end result if good will pay

thanks all

Unfortunately my computer would take about a week for it to render… so I’m out.

ok i can email you.