Short job - set up lighting to show off a drinking glass design in luxrender

I’m looking for someone to setup a simple blender/luxrender scene to show off a drinking glass. What I’ve been able to produce so far with glass2, glass volume, a glossy floor and a few area lights is (I only let it render 10min so it’s noisy):

I’m looking for something more dramatic/exciting. I think a bit of playing with materials and lighting could make it look much better. I want the camera to be roughly the same perspective - i.e., so you can see the shape of the top lip of the glass.

I’m looking for something done using the current versions of blender/luxrender (blender 2.69 and luxrender 1.3.1). For deliverable, I’m just looking for a blend file and maybe quick render of what it’d look like. I can do the final rendering on my computers.

Any interest in taking a stab at this?

Edit: Here are some examples of other approaches that look good:


Sure. Your current glass material is pretty decent, but I’ll create my own interpretation.

it needs to be done in luxrender or just have to look good as your examples?

I’m hoping for something the somewhat realistically shows how light interacts with the glass so that I can experiment with changing the shape and see how the look changes. So it could be cycles if you could get the glass/light interaction looking relatively realistic.

Cycles can make good renders this is just an example:

Hi Eli,
I’ve just sorta of switched back to cycles from luxrender - luxrender was too slow to iterate with.
The issue I’ve been having with both is that my glass model is fairly thick (like a heavy pint glass), and because of the curvature, I’m having a hard time setting up the lighting so the glass comes out clear enough to discern the shape of the outer and inner surface. You can actually see some of that in the pic I posted. It’s a lot hard to see the outer/inner shape than it is with the thin wine glasses in the scene you posted. So I’d be looking for someone to figure out some way to set up lighting to solve that.

send me your glass file, and I’ll make a scene specifically for it, so that you can have it in the best light possible. I would also like to make a recommendation on your camera’s position: I would personally place the camera lower than the glass, and point it slightly upwards. This makes the central object (glass) look much more significant.

Does this come close to your expectation?


If your still looking for a more exciting water glass I have this.

Let me know if your interested, and we can talk about tweaking it to fit your needs.

Greyoxide, I PM’d you.

Hi can create and render somthig like this. I can change glas type colors positioning and lighting like u need. The exampel was very fast createt and i can do it more detailt if need.