Short movement demo

(Pooba) #1

I’ve put this together really quick just to show you what i’m working on. Download here

Tell me what you think!


(saluk) #2


She doesn’t have a face man! How do you expect to pull off a decent character if it doesn’t have a face? And the terrain in a word - BLOWS. I mean, what the heck are you trying to pull here? The control is unresponsive, the character animates like a chicken with its head cut off, and she keeps falling through the terrain. Go back into your cave and work on it for another year, THEN show it. Hopefully by then it wont be sucking so much.

Actually, it’s a very good character model with fairly smooth animation :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!

(gargola) #3

[email protected]! he he! :smiley:

Pooba: sweet! :smiley:

(rav_bhara) #4

I think thats cool. Its a start to a good game

(joecool) #5

lol saluk…
anyway, it’s a cool character and all, but there are a two problems (that I see),
first, her head ALWAYS faces one way, like it doesn’t turn…the other problem is just my opinion, I think the walking animation or running or whatever is a little too fast. because when she stops, she stops REALLY fast.
but on the up side, it’s a good character, and I love how you made the hair and put armatures in them so you can do that falling animation, it looks awesome man.
keep it up!

(saluk) #6

The animations are really good, and it’s ok I think that her head always faces forward, but the falling through the floor bit is annoying. Not sure how to fix this, its kind of a blender problem, but messing around with the physics can help. Make her half the size and walk at half the force and it will look like shes walking the same, but it will be less likely to break the physics. At least I think this may work.

(gargola) #7

maybe the falling through the ground problem is cause she has too much weight?he he! :wink:

ps: aaaahhhhhhhhh!!! i didn’t noticed,i’m a forum monkey already! he he he! :o :-? :wink: :smiley:

(S_W) #8

She needs still a lot of work, but it’s a great start! :slight_smile:

(Pooba) #9

Thanx for the responses!

The reason she keeps her head points at the same direction is because it’s going to be a kind of third person shooter. I don’t want to totally turn her, because if she’s not looking that way how else would you be able to see that?

I also do plan to give her some eyes!

The levels on the game will most likely be pretty flat and not as “hilly” as my demo. This is NOT one of the levels. I’m not sure what storyline will be yet though.



(Fred_Pyo) #10

…And THAT’S what we call some good modelling.
Very nice, very nice.

The controls are excellent, this type of mouse & keyboard hybrid is the best (in my opinion) for First Person Shooters and 3rd Person Action games. Makes me remember that great game… “ONI”!

Of course, you’ve gotta work on the actions, (the head looking towards is fine, although, you can add a little rotation to it so it looks more… real), make the actions blend from one to another… and… (is it me, or the character moves her legs way to fast?)


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