Short movie (AND INTERACtiVE??) in the work!

(Ecks) #1

Go down for the interactive movie info

Ok in a few day (2 or 3) I will have finish all what I need for my video (with the USS Explorer). I will make a little teaser before I release the big and real version of my space movie: THE EXODUS!

Today I just render a picture to show you a part of the teaser:

Do someone know a link to a tutorial of camera transition between scene? I want to render the first 20 frame and then switch to another camera to render 21 to 50 and then come back to the first camera and render 51 to 100…

(BgDM) #2

Can’t wait to see some animation ther X-Warrior!

As far as the camera transition, there is a tute here on elysiun for this. Take a look at that.


(schock) #3

just render your animation in parts and put it together in the sequence editor. Or any video editor you have.

(Ecks) #4

thank you shock it will be more easier like that!

Last night I had a cool idea: Each week I will post a topic where the comunity will post idea for the next part of the animation. After 2 or 3 day I will make a poll and the community will vote for the best idea and then I will make the animation!!! I will begin by making a first part and adding it to my site…it will begin after! What do you think?