Short movie animation - WIP

well there were 5 days till i was going to have a meeting with the manager of a company in Adelaide that did VFX in movies like Queen of the damned, LoTR, the Matrix, and Red Planet, so offcourse i was needing to do something worth showing besides my clock and my GameCube. So i spent all day everyday (and night) for those 5 days getting done as much of this animation as possible. Its a bit dodgy, but i was trying to challenge myself on a time limit and practice my compisitioning, timing and animating skills.

I might finish it sometime, but too busy to touch it at the moment.

length is about a minute (can’t really remember, did it a while ago) and as about 13 meg, good quality though.

ppl veiwing but no posting =(

I couldn’t get the link to work.

I also tried:

but wasn’t able to download the file.

yup i just found out from sum1 i was chatting to, post up the top is edited and it should work fine now

doesnt work for me :frowning:

hmmm, try copy paste or right click save as, i tried it and its working for me, strange =S

heres the link again

also try this one escape.AVI

well now i’m getting trouble with it, must be a problem with the ftp, the dude who runs it should be in contact soon, but just try every oncein a whil, its probably just a temp. thing

Didn’t work for me either. I think your problem might be that there is a space in the file name. Don’t do that with movie files. It does not allow download when that happens.


Good texturing and nice concept. :smiley:

Bitrate is too high for my poor unaccelerated machine. I get a very little fluid stuff.

Nevertheless I noticed some artifacts. Bends and matches end are sometimes opened, hence you can see inside. Also at least one red heas (I’d bet left hand, is rendered badly in a frame (mid-movie)



thanx for the comments guys. any1 still able to get it, it should work now, i think it was a little glitch in the server couple of night ago?