Short-Movie, My First "official" release...

Hello everyone,
Here is the link to my first “decent” release (I mean I have at least reach the image quality I was trying to get…), 8 mn 29 s made in Blender 2.61.
I’m an amateur and self-taught guy, and practice blender for about 5 years now.
This is HD 1920x1080 (take from 2 mn 30 to 10 mn by frame).
The music by NIN is under Creative Commons Share Alike license.
The Wood puppet and the Lady are from MakeHuman great tool (but textures by me), the old “wise man” from… me.
Feedback and comments are welcome.
Hope you will enjoy it.

Technically you did well. But I got bored after about 45 seconds. Maybe I just didn’t understand it.

Ok, so to sum it up, it’s about a wooden doll that had a crush on a woman in some time in space to where at the end he couldn’t express his love, had his memory of her erased by the elderly man to avoid the heartache, only to wake up to realize that he dreamt the entire thing?

Now that the story summary is out of the way, the critique. The wooden doll looked more like stone from my point of view. The woman could actually had some clothes or accessories instead of having it painted on. The texture of the woman was great but would be better if you modeled something on that lady. The animation alone was slow through out the entire thing. But the story was interesting. However, just like place57 said when he was bored after 45 seconds into the video, that’s one thing, as a animator, you don’t want to hear or read. If something doesn’t grab and keep their attention longer than that, then it’s just like he never even seen it.

Overall, it was a interesting piece.

The set peice is awesome, the characters come off as a little “wooden” heheh though and don’t particularly read as puppets. I did notice though that in one scene you see the back of the male and you can see the seam pretty blatantly. If you ran a black line down that part of the edge of that uv and rounded off the incomming lines that may help with the illusion. it’s a small thing but the care you put into ther rest of it makes something like that stand out all the more. Still Congratulations 8 and a half minutes is no small task, must have taken forever.

I think the setting is well done and quite unique. I would have preferred to see more stylized characters who better fit into the setting - but this is my own bias I suppose. Other than that, I have to add to the general consensus that the film is a bit too slow - I think cutting or shortening a few scenes could help.

But none the less, congratulations on the work…

I happen to like what you’ve done. The mood makes me think of some SF books I’ve read. Technically you’re on the right track. About the sky: You put on a texture. But you should explore what you can do with the particles system, to generate stars, galaxies and such. Just a thought. Keep going!