SHORT MOVIE PROJECT - SciFi - Looking for a Team

The Project
We’re looking for people willing to work on a short animated movie. We are also aiming to form a team who will focus on creating short animation movies and, possibly, some videogames in the future.
The genre of future projects will be variable; as of now, the first one is a SciFi short movie (see below).
The group already has a name, Creative Cupboard, as it was formed a few years ago with the same intention. As of now, only two members are left - we’d like to have some additions in the near future.
For any other question, feel free to ask.
You can now also find us on Facebook, here:
You will also find a form to fill if you want to join us.

The Movie
About two to three minutes long, it is thought to look like the teaser trailer of a full-length SciFi movie.
It will be focused on what seems like a journey to a new, dangerous planet, but will then be revealed to be a journey in the human mind. It will begin and end with a TV spot, which will then reveal the true nature of the interstellar voyage.
To read the concept and/or have more information, please contact me.

For this specific project, no monetary compensation is to be expected.
We are aiming to possibly develop future projects to fund through Kickstart or funding campaigns.
Royalty and credit, of course, will be given.

What We Have
A detailed plot has been written.
A full script is being written.
An initial study is almost complete.
Locations sketches are being made.

Open Positions
We are still in need for everything, except for writers and director.
The positions to be more urgently filled are:

  • Story Artist; sketches of the storyboards are already being made by the director.
  • Concept artist, Character Designer.

Other positions (to be defined more specifically later on):

  • Background Artists.
  • 3D Modelers.
  • Animators.
  • Sound Designers.
  • Composers.

Filled Positions

Director & Screenwriter - Marta Martorello

What we have” has been updated.

I am interested in taking part of this project as a 3d generalist. I might be able to help as a concept artist or character designer too.
Send me a PM if anything.

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you would like to go ahead friend with details friend your FB page is shwing nothing?? also no other contact method thogh idea seems great.

Im a 3D artist expecialized in characters. I would like to participate of a project like this.

I am interested in your project. I think i fit for the “3D Modeller”- or the “animtor”-position. Could you send me PM, please?

I am a composer and flautist and I would love to join your team!