Short movie project

Hey guys this a concept of a character I created that I want to turn into a short 8 minute animation. I have no formal training in art or 3D modeling. I plan on documenting my efforts in learning blender from scratch with no previous 3D software experience.

I hope to have this finished (optimistically) by the end of this year 2012 for a release date at the beginning of 2014 I am aware that this is a daunting task to that i say i love a challenge and will depend hole heartily on the reputation of the unity and helpfulness of the blender community.

My physical blender libary consist of

Blender 3D basics Beginners guide
Blender Foundations the essential guide to learning blender 2.6

My digital libary consit of some out dated pubs and newly printed

Blender noob to pro
Beginning Blender
Mastering Blender
Introducing character animation with blender
Tradigital blender a cg animators guide
Foundation blender composting
Blender production creating short animations from start to finish
Bounce,tumble,and splash
Blender studio projects digital movie making
and i have a bunch of art books so as you can see i have done quite a bit of knowledge gathering. I will be doing this in all my spare time hopefully starting with modeling. I will stop here as i see i have already written a book lol

well thats sounds great, good luck with that. but be sure to have a plot and a script written down and a storyboard for each scene. otherwise your project will get weird and not turn out as you wanted, if at all.

thanks st for the reply and advice i plan to have it i just want to get the modeling down then storyboard. btw do you know how i can capture my progress as images to post on here? again thanks