Short on Time: Demo-CD Cover

Hi there,
I’ve been working on the cover for a demo-CD. The demo is called “Something to Believe in” and the band is a punk/melodic-hardcore/metal band called Short on Time.

The photograph was taken by me. The zen hat was done in Blender and it was composited into Photoshop.
Hope you like it.

nice piece of cover art you have there, the layout is nice, and the graphics suit the theme well. my only crit is from a purely design perspective, but the text in the bottom right corner (“Something to Believe in…”) is not as easy to read as it probably should/could be.

oh one other thing…the test in the bottom left corner should read “All rights reserved” (plural rights).

other than that, nice piece


Crap! I knew I would leave typos 8)
I’ll try to make the title more legible.

nice cover,i think the text is fine.