Short PV for the song"sakura".

In this animation,I used node-base displacement map.

base model

and hightmap…

…makes texture displace.

node map


from Blender import Node
import math

class eSetUp(Node.Scripted):

def init(self, sockets):
disp = Node.Socket(‘dispXY’, val = [1.0]*3)
normal = Node.Socket(‘NORMAL’, val = [1.0]*3)
sockets.input = [normal]
sockets.output = [normal,disp]

def call(self):
ocol = list(self.input.normal)
ocol2 = list(self.input.normal)
ocol2[0] = ocol[0] * math.cos(-self.s.surfaceViewVector[0]) - ocol[2] * math.sin(-self.s.surfaceViewVector[0])
ocol2[1] = ocol[1]
ocol2[2] = ocol[0] * math.sin(-self.s.surfaceViewVector[0]) + ocol[2] * math.cos(-self.s.surfaceViewVector[0])
ocol[0] = ocol2[0]
ocol[1] = ocol2[1] * math.cos(self.s.surfaceViewVector[1]) + ocol2[2] * math.sin(self.s.surfaceViewVector[1])
ocol[2] = ocol2[2] * math.cos(self.s.surfaceViewVector[1]) - ocol2[1] * math.sin(self.s.surfaceViewVector[1])
self.output.normal = ocol

  tenten = list(self.s.tangent)
  tenkak = math.atan2(-tenten[1],tenten[0])
  ocol2[0] = ocol[0] * math.cos(tenkak) - ocol[1] * math.sin(tenkak)
  ocol2[1] = ocol[0] * math.sin(tenkak) + ocol[1] * math.cos(tenkak)
  self.output.dispXY = ocol2

node = eSetUp

I used this for buildings,soil and the cherry blossoms.


You have a very unique style. I enjoyed watching it.

I’m amazed! Really great work.

Really amazing stuff. Loved how the cat was running and the girl character was top notch. There was like 5 seconds of her in the animation and the expression shown in that 5 seconds was top quality. Awesome hair. The one thing I found strange was the mixing of the real clip of the music people in the animation.

that was awesome.if its ok with u,could u explain the nodes and the effect it has on ur image?if not its still ok.good luck.happy blending

Very interesting technique! *****

Thank you for watching!

Here I uploaded an explanation about composite node.

fantastic job! How did you make the interesting texture for the cat fur?

Just Wow… Keep up your awesome work…

looks at the node setting

this was very cool to watch. you have skill!

wow this is really awesome …u r a node master :O…i watched the animation and it’s a very stylized one …love it ! keep going …good luck

Astounding. The displacement makes this look perfect. Thanks for sharing the code, too.

The entire thing was well executed. Honestly, your blender animations are always my favorite.

Keep it up. :slight_smile:

love the animation. I have to admit though, the switch from studio footage to the animation was a bit jarring.


A beautiful video. Thanks for sharing.

Now I made 4 min full version.

It was included in the album “Watashi-iro no ryuusen” (in Japan).

Also included in STASH DVD magazine vol.65.

Some cuts can be seen in my demo reel.

And yesterday,I found unofficially uploaded file on youtube.

6 stars!
this is a glory of blender!

a truly artist i must say,
congrats thats a lovely work and thanks for sharing
by the way, the cat its also 3d?