SHORT questions QUICK answers...


im trying to render using samples per layer and ok - i have two renders - 55smpls and 5 smpls - but they show as separate - how to get them connected ?


can u briefly explain how ? i never used compositor…

i thought you wanted a quick answer?

oh well, try this,

duplicate the render layer node in the compositor and select the second layer in that node.
add an alpha over node and connect the two render layer nodes, layer 2 in the top, layer one in the bottom.
add a mix node and connect the alpha over node into the top and the layer 1 node into the bottom.
change the mix to screen and plug into the output node.

hope that helped.

oh. you need to have transparency checked under the film tab in the render settings for this to work.

thank u so much sir - in that case how can i get background world visible?

Use the environment pass, it contains just your background. Use another alpha-over node to drop it behind everything else.

Btw, Small Troll, what’s the deal with that screen node?

using just a mix node to combine the two images resulted in having layer two render as black. changing the blend mode to screeen fixed it. however, i have since discovered that you can eliminate the mix node altogether and just use the alpha over straight into the output.

the mix node is superfluous.

i think i put it in there to begin with and forgot that the alpha over does the same job, except using the alpha channel. I’m not exactly competant with the compositor yet myself, but hey we learned something :smiley:

actually, what I dont get is why i get that black line on the green cube. the cube itself is slightly below the floor level and the area with the black line shouldn’t be seen. i will need to figure out how mask layers work to prevent that

gentlemen - im very thankful

ok - can anyone briefly explain how to use branched path tracing?

I would ask this in it’s own thread where the rest of the community might see it

mhm - somehow its not working for me - if film is set to transparent i cant get my env background rendered…

under the render layers panel in the passes tab, check the environment pass check box. now in your compositor the render node will have an environment socket. now from the layer node, before the alpha over node insert a mix node, plug the environment into the top socket and the image into the lower socket, that should work.

you only really need to add the environment pass on the first layer.

This thread has taken a different course. It definitely needs to be split into another thread, and both threads should be given better titles. Someone might urgently need to know about this, and yet never be able to find it.

well… as long as qestions deal with comp and CC i think it is not needed… that is u may be right but on the other hand sometimes its more confusing to start new thread for only one question…
regarding that questions are in common form i think that if someone asks google similar one - one should be brought here by google spider

btw - small troll - thank u sir!
what u say is working but i see that render layers are not that simple - that is, they render in the way that i find it impossible to put image together - for example shadows are not rendered on the layer with object casting them but on the layer with the object that shadow is being cast on (…not sure if i said it right) and some of them overlap and cant be layed on top of each other…

thing like that…maybe im doing something wrong?

mhm in compositor i see no render node - only render layers . where should i look for it?

Its an output, not a renderlayer, you know how you have image, alpha, z-depth, there should be an environment output now assigned to the corresponding renderlayer.