Short robot animation

this is the first time I’m posting a finished “project”. It is a simple animation of a robot doing some things (:)). Nothing spectacular. It started with the robot tutorial in BlenderArt Mag issue 1 and then I was adding more and more things. Finally it became this animation.
When I started working on it I was total beginner, now when I finished it I am a very little advanced beginner. It has no story or anything, I was just learning on it. Please keep that in mind when criticising. :slight_smile:

Here you go (I removed the music to avoid any legal issues):

Yeah, doesn’t exactly have a storyline, but that’s ok since you told us about that.
The animation is pretty good, but IMO you could showcase it a bit better if you didn’t see the light following the robot. Maybe just have the light on the main set thing, and have a blueish moonlight type glow on the robot until it gets there.

Thanks for your comment blenditall.

I agree with you that the lighting is one of the things that could be better. I used the spot light type because I wanted the “end of the world” (behind the grass) to be hidden and the other light types cast too much light around.

I will try to make that moonlight glow you suggested. Thanks.

Not bad for a first try. go on.
docela dobry!