short seamless neverending animation

here is a neverending animation of a jet trying to land
C&C welcome

It is okay… the jet is pretty good, but it does not seem to have any thrust coming out the engine… but other than that pretty good…


At the end of the never ending animation, the jet jumps a bit. You might check your IPOs and perhaps set them to cyclic (if they aren’t already) so you can check your animation more. It’s pretty good though.

Is the jet model yours? It looks quite nice. :slight_smile:


  • Clean3d

jes…its modeled by me, although the general shape is from some kind of a game.

The jet looks very good. It’s obvious why he can’t land though, he is over 3X wider than the runway! The only problem I see with the animation is that nothing is moving on the jet. During landing wing flaps articulate, the jet outlet would dialate to control trust (vectored thrust?). The timing seems good though.

But where in the world would you find runway after runway after runway… :wink: How about putting the plane into a loop doing “touch and go’s” where the plane actually lands then without slowing down, takes off again, circles and actually lands then… Add a control tower and some landscape and you’ve got a great little endless loop! :smiley:

You guys don’t see it do you. It’s not supposed to make sense why he keeps trying to land and why the runways keep coming. It’s a BAD DREAM. It is a well-known fact that all pilots have the “I can’t land nightmare” regularly. Scorpion9 is on his way to becoming the scriptwriter for Elephants dream 2. Good work Scorp :slight_smile:

I agree with San Diego James, clever idea.