Short Short Film help needed

Greetings!! I am very, very new to Blender so I don’t know a whole lot about animation, modeling, etc, but I do know about graphics design. With that being said I have a project that I am trying to work on that is beyond what I know how to do currently and am on a very short time limited so I am soliciting help from someone who is more experienced than myself. Here is the concept the best way I know to explain it:

Think - if you watch a movie, any movie, the first thing that comes on is short animated logo type sequence of where the movie was produced (i.e. Paramount, Lionsgate, Tri-Star, Warner Bros. (WB), Disney, etc.). That is the concept I am trying to create but with this sequence:

  1. There is an upright lightbulb starting out in the dark. Inside the light bulb you can see the wires with the filament that connects the wires…the filament will be text. For the sake of this description lets say the text is “OMP”.
  2. The Lightbulb flickers as if trying to come on (preferably with sound effects). Then is comes on but the light starts to grow (along with the text) that it becomes too much for the bulb to contain so the glass and the text bursts (like an explosion) the background changes to a Goldish like color with the glass glistening in light. So the burst is quick then slows down as if out of space and the particles are lingering a bit.
  3. After the glass lingers a bit, then the glass comes back together forming the letters “OMP”, bigger that what was in the light bulb of couse and then underneath the text blinks in one word at a time - “Oh My Productions”
  4. This stays there - “OMG” “Oh My Productions” - stays there for about 2-3 seconds glistening with light also with a few particles of glass surrounding it glistening.

Hopefully this makes sense. I know this is big, sounds difficult but to someone like you it may be fairly easy. Can ANYONE help? Please respond via this thread or email me personally: [email protected].

Remember: I am on a very short time-frame (1-2 weeks). Thanks!

This is pretty crazy sounding, but cool. Ive only been working in it for a few months, but I could help you with an attempt. Im not anything crazy… but im better than nothing

aidan IS crazy

I think I can do this. Sending email

nopinky, if you could still please resend email to [email protected]. If you sent one already, I didn’t get it. I appreciate it so much. I almost gave up until I checked it today.

sounds easy why dont you spend some time to learn blender ?
since you have your goals set, it must be easy to find what your looking for n youtube to learn from.