Short Shot Of Plate Falling & Smashing - Paid Job

I’m looking for a freelance CG artist to help with a single shot in a video that I’m directing. Deadline for final is May 5th.

The shot is of a normal dinner plate falling through the air in super slow motion, then hitting the floor and shattering into many shards. It only needs to be about 20 seconds long, maybe even shorter. It’s going to be intercut as part of a montage of other footage, but doesn’t need to match to any other shots.

It needs to look photorealistic, but the background can be super simple, open to suggestions on how best to minimize work on the background. Currently thinking that using a shallow depth of field to keep background out of focus, means it might be possible to just use a 2d photo background. Or if it comes down to it, a simple black background could work in a pinch, if anything more was outside the scope of our budget.

If anyone’s interested, let me know, and what kind of rates you would normally charge. We don’t have an enormous budget, but it is a paid job.

Jim Batt

Have sent you a pm/email

Thanks to all the amazing artists who responded - we’ve chosen someone for the job.