Short story cover art seeks helping hand


I am looking to render a still for the cover of a short story. The story is nearly finished and has a cover in need of polish. The story is a near-future science-fiction tale of how future generations could retaliate against the current economic system of indentured servitude.

I would like to have someone help model and texture a young girl’s arm and hand reaching for an apple being offered by a robotic hand. The lighting, robot hand, framing, and positioning are all relatively finished. A draft of the revised cover is available, as are all the blend files. (The current human hand was exported from makehuman to Blender and textured using some of the node setups from this forum.)

Once the cover is complete, I will add cover credits and a copyright page. The credits will include a link back to your web page. The entire project is open source, so you are welcome to reuse the work in any way you see fit.

I’ve been working on the short story (which includes research, writing a calculator, modeling various covers) for several months now and the end of the first draft is fast approaching.

Many thanks for any help!

Comments and critiques on the story are more than welcome.

Some experimental skin node setups:

Finding a suitable skin/hand texture to UV-unwrap, including its bump map, making realistic nails, adding peach fuzz, and so forth is proving to be quite difficult.