Short Survey - Patterns in UserIDs (need help)


My name is Nitin. I am a graduate student at University of Illinois at
Chicago (UIC). I am conducting a few minutes short survey on “Patterns
in Userids” for my research project. We want to study patterns in
usernames or userids created by people when they register on different
websites, etc. I would be really thankful if you could participate in
this short survey. The link is:

The survey has been approved by Institutional Review Board of UIC.

I can assure you that this is not a hack or a spam. If you have any
doubts, you can also find the above survey link at the Department of
Computer Science’s research page

Nitin Jindal
Department of Computer Science
email: [email protected]*

That is sort of like phishing… or social engineering.

I am sorry, but I can not participate in something that gives you all my personal details, no matter whom you claim you are vetted by.

If your survey was anonymous, then I would gladly participate.

The whole idea behind a screen name or userid is to remain anonymous per se.

Hey, you don’t have to answer things about your real name and stuff. It says right there that each field is optional.

Scary to say the least. Good luck with your project…

LOL it does sound amasingly dodgy. even if it is official… patterns in usernames? sounds like somthing that could easily be turned into a hacking, spamming, or other type of program.

Yeah… this ain’t the kind of an survey I would rush into answering. The info asked is far too precise for my liking. Maybe just ask a name and why someone has chocen that one?

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