Short Term Help?

Hi BA,
I’m up against a deadline and have some 3D texturing work that I could use some help with. I’m sorry if this isn’t the appropriate space, but I’m trying to get the word out asap.

I’m building a bunch of meshes within blender for a game. I’ve finished creating the geometry for the main structure, and I need someone to unwrap and create the texture while I finish the geometry for the rest of the models. Then I’ll send you those models to unwrap and texture. I’m going to be separating some of them so that they are easier for our game engine to render, and if you need to separate them further to facilitate easier texturing, by all means go right ahead. We’re currently building for low-end devices, such as I-phone and netbooks, so we need to minimize the amount of texture space we use as much as possible. That’s the gist of the work I need you to take off of my back!

That’s the basic deal. This is a paying gig but it’s also kinda grunt work…so we aren’t looking to pay $100/hr. :slight_smile:

What we do have however is a drop dead date in about two weeks so we need to jump on this ASAP. And just to be clear, the original due date wasn’t til mid September…it got changed on us.

Anyway, if you’re interested and available write me at: radiago713 AT and we’ll get rolling. :slight_smile: