Short Test Shot Progress


Working on a little short that has been taking way too long to complete. But finally got to some render test and workflow tests. I keep hearing how slow freestlye is, but i see how rough it is now.

Rough Lighting and renders in Eevee.

Character animation done in Krita so I can more easily bring people on to help out with animation.

Animation is then imported into Blender so I don’t have to animate all the camera rotations that will be happening in this short


Freestyle can be a pain… I’ve used it for a short animation and spend most of the time deleting lines by hand, frame by frame.
You shot looks real cool and fresh! :slight_smile: Great work!

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Thanks Rogério, I appreciate it!
You were deleting lines? Were you have the issue where lines were visible behind an object that shouldn’t have been visible?

Yup! That’s right! Exactly as you describe!
Playing with the camera clipping distances helps, but doesn’t solve it.
I ended up rendering the lines separately, loaded all the frames on the painting viewport and went frame by frame to delete the lines that shouldn’t be seen. You can see the final result here. Even so has glitches here and there.

Ah, ok. Ya I was having that issue on the ceiling section above the character. I had to add an object with thickness in front of it to solve that issue. Now that I think of it, I could have probably just added a solidify modifier to the geo and it might have fixed it as well.

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Working on some other tests to get the outlines with grease pencil. but i’m having a few issues.

I thought this was the worst of it…

It seems like image planes don’t block out GP objects.

Then I actually did a render test…

I guess this is what happenes when Grease Pencil is linked into a scene?

I make my scene files in a .blend file and link them into my animation scenes because a lot of my city is linked objects. As you can see it appears fine in Eevee previews, but the second I try rendering it acts up. :frowning:

:confused: That’s just terrible… the fact that blender works like this with GP and linked scenes I mean…
But it’s strange…

Alright, I think it’s something with my project file i’m trying to link it to. I tested it in a brand new blender file, and it seems to be working fine. So looks like it’s not the GP import. It’s probably something to do with the render passes I did before and some setting with the freestyle outlines I did last week.

… I’m an idiot…

It literally told me what to click to make GP work… I just didn’t notice it because it looks like regular text up there.