Short time member allready frustrated

while I see the necessity for moderation of posts from newly registered members I don´t realy get the following:

I started a thread yesterday in the “Materials” subforum. It was approved within half an hour.
Not only approved… the moderator himself gave me an answer. Great thing so far…

Unfortunatly his answer didn´t help me. So I started the attempt to reply to his answer. In the hoping that approval would be any soon I put together some screens and a blendfile as requested, formulated my part and clicked that submit button.

Yeah this wasn´t the last attempt. That one is about 24 hours ago…

Well the FAQ says that 24 hours are a considerable time and if my posts don´t show up after that time I should PM a mod. OK, would love to do that. Would you mind tell me who the mods are?

Am I supposed to PM that one mod that ignored my posts yesterday already? Well in the menubar there´s an option called “Who´s online?”. In my humble mind I thougt: “Great! I´m gonna have a look in there and surely the mods will be marked somehow and I´ll get finaly to respond to my own thread…”
But guess what. The “Who´s online” function is disabled by the admin. Well why is it even showing up?

Anyways this forum is a great resource when searching for already asked questions or discussions of approved members. It helped me a lot to learn the basics of Blender and I am sure in the future it will serve me well for this purpose.

But trying to participate in this whole thing is a really frustating experience so far.

Don´t get me wrong! I´d love to be a part of this community!
It´s just like there is yet another hurdle after getting the grips of the Blender thing itself…


If the thread you’re trying to post to already exists, the best option would be to use the forums Report Post feature (it’s the triangular icon at the bottom left of every post). This lets the whole moderation team know that there’s an issue that needs to be looked at.

Typically posts don’t sit in the queue for longer than 24 hours, but it does happen. If you could be patient with the team, we’ll work through getting your posts up.

Thank you Fweeb for your reaction. Well, after all it turned out good and my posts are showing up now.
I was just to impatiant to wait after 48 hours and had to let out a bit of the steam. I’m looking forward to a brigther future of my time around here. I should be outof the first ten posts soon and then everything should be fine.
So apologies for my earlier harsh words.