Short Tip: One very important thing to do when starting a new hobby or career

One very important thing to do when starting a new hobby or career is to get used to being consistent. Start small. Work on a project for 15 or 30 minutes a day and work your way up. Harness your new habit and make it work for you.

Have you heard that it’s hard to kill an old habit? It’s the same with making a new one. Remember during the hard times that new habits come with time and effort. So be reasonable in your expectations. Also realize that some weeks will be less productive than others. You may even not work but one day that week. But pick it up the next week and keep going.

It can take a month or two to start getting into the swing of things. But what if it takes longer for you? Don’t talk to yourself in a negative way, saying that you’re a failure or a loser. For all we know, you may have not simply been taught how to start new things or what the learning process is like. A person taught how to learn and what its difficulties usually are will likely be better prepared for the difficulties they experience than you might be. That’s why parents who are successful in some endeavor or another tend to have successful kids: they taught them how to succeed.

So focus on making your work a habit, so that even if you aren’t really in the mood you will still jump on the computer and start working on it, because it has become easy for you to do so.