Shortcut for Background pic?

Is there a shortcut for toggling the background picture on and off??



Hello muffrules,

There is no keyboard shortcut for toggling the background picture, you’ll have
to make do using the button in the 3D Window header:

doesn´t a background pic slow down your system?


Backround pics are used for modelling… if they are blueprints and you place your vertexes by hand :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes… Using a background picture in blender slows down your system by a great amount.
That is why I wanted to know the shortway to switch the background pict. so I only have to have it there when I’m tracing it.
so thankyou very much Koryo for the button the press — I don’t know why I didn’t notice it.


Hmm… I never noticed it too! It seems to appear only when you have a picture set in the backround. Thanks Koryo!

sometimes it is much better to use a UV-mapped plane. Then, you do not notice any slowdown.