shortcut for FireFox

I just got firefox, but i want to know if there is a keyboard shortcut for a new tab.If anyone knows one, please post it.

Ctrl + T

to make a new tab.

Holding Ctrl while clicking on a link will open the link in it’s own tab in the background.

You can also MMB (click down the mouse wheel) if you have a 3 button mouse on a link to open in a new tab.


Middle-clicking on a link will also open it in a new tab, provided that you have the right settings in the Tabbed Browsing options (see Tabbrowser Preferences extension).

In case you cant see the first link, here it is:


Next time you can’t find a shortcut for an option, just scour the menus.

File -> New Tab | Ctrl+T

Or under OS X:

File -> New Tab | Command+T

Don’t forget you can double click in empty space in the tab bar for a new tab as well.