Shortcut for Polish brush?

Is there any way to set a shortcut for the Polish brush? For some reason it’s missing in the Input settings.

Any workaround guys? Kind of annoying especially when working with a tablet and need to quickly switch between brushes.

Is it worth reporting as a bug?

The Polish brush is just a variation on the Flatten Tool. You can create many custom brushes, they won’t have separate custom shortcuts. You can see in your screenshot that you are selecting the Sculpt Tool, there is no such tool as a Polish tool in blender, only a polish brush

You can select brushes with the number keys in the order they are in the alphabetical list. Rename ‘Polish’ to something like “_Polish” to make it first and just use the 1 key to select it

I see. It would be nice to be able to set shortcuts for custom brushes of course…but for now renaming should work fine. Thanks.