Shortcut for wireframe mode?

Hello everyone,
does anyone know the shortcut to get into wireframe mode?
In previous versions we used Z, but now that key opens the smooth/flat shading menu…

I know this question may sound a bit stupid, but I really didn’t find the way…

Thank you,

I think the (real) wireframe mode is still missing.

The Z key is still working for me. And if you enable the Hidden Wire overlay in edit mode, you get pretty close to the old look…

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Yep, it really looks like the classic wireframe mode!

But if I press the Z key, a “pie menu” pops up with the two options: “smooth shading” or “flat shading”.

I’m very confused…

Clear your preferences.

Yup, ‘Z’ is x-ray vision now.


I didn’t need to do that, but your suggestion was useful: it came to my mind that the behavior I was seeing was similar to the “pie addon” (enabled by default in Blender 2.8), so I tried to disable that and… now Z works as it should!

Thank you!

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Hold Alt + (z) that works for me. Hope it works for you too :slight_smile: