Shortcut Keys

Just when u think u know everything, someone teaches u something new.
Seems theres plenty of useful shortcuts i keep finding, but theres one in particular im looking for. how do u select a “ring segment”, not the “ctrl L” one. seen some1 do it
and i used it just forgotton how.
Basically can u post some useful keys for Blender, mainly for modelling, or a link to some.
I just posted a link to some tutorials u might like to see in the tute forum.
Thanks guys

Loop select it alt + right click
Ring select is shift + alt + right click (or ctrl + alt, I don’t remember off hand)

Cheers mate ur a legend. if u can help ive posted one on UV mapping. Ive got a problem that in 3d view i mapped it fine. got it set “map to UV” setting, yet in render it fails to show the material colour where i havnt happed it?