Shortcut question

Dear Python Masters, (Flattery never hurts.) :wink:

For as long as I remember, I have been annoyed by the “A” shortcut which collapses the panels in the Tools and Properties shelves. If you don’t always pay attention where your mouse cursor is, it will close panels at random instead of (de-)selecting everything. :confused::eek:

I have explored extensively the “shortcut editor” to try to override this shortcut with very little luck. The “best” I have obtained is that the “A” shortcut closes the panel under the mouse and performs another action at the same time. Not very useful. :no:

So, before I dive into the source code, I’d like to ask to you, people familiar with the Python-side of Blender, if you can think of a way to kill (Kill! Kill! Kill!) :evilgrin: that shortcut or to alter it. An improbable combination of keys would do the trick.

Thanks for your attention. (But where is that kiss-boots smiley?)

if you can’t achieve this by editing the key maps in User prefs, python won’t be able to do it either. I worry you bug the devs to make this panel collapse/expand “feature” a keymap that can be changed.