Shortcut to hide all collections?

I just had a panic as all of my scene disapeared except for the lights

  • Everything was still in the outliner
  • When I switched to UV Editing tab, I could see the objects
  • If I created a new layer, everything was visible again
  • I tried ‘/’ and Alt-h to no avail
  • All the ‘eyes’ were shown so the parts weren’t hidden individually, although they were greyed out:

Everything in the object types was visible also:

In the viewports where things are visible (UV Editing, Shading and Sculpting) I can’t seem to select anything except lights which are the only things where the visibility eyes are not grey.

I was posting this as I didn’t know what I had done but then noticed that the light collection was the only one not hidden. I went through each collection and unhid them. As it was the collection was hidden, that was why the individual objects eye were greyed out and so they didn’t look hidden. I decided to still post though as I would like to know how I did this and is there a quick way to undo it rather than going through each collection again. I’m asuming it’s a ‘hide all but this’ type command - like pushing ‘/’ but for collections.

I thought it would still be good to post in case others find themselves in the same position!

You probably pressed the number key corresponding to the lights collection. (I.e. if the lights collections is your 3rd collection, you probably pressed the 3 key).
Be ware Alt+h does different things if pressed with the mouse cursor in the 3d view than with the cursor over the outliner: in the viewport it brings back to visible all the objects from visible collections, whereas in the outliner it makes the hidden collections visible also.

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A more confusing situation arises when you are in local view for some object and you accidentaly hide the collection the object is in, because then you still see the object but it is like blocked.

Thanks for the replies. That definitely sounds plausible! That’s useful to know about alt-h too. Cheers!

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