shortcuts for UV vertex, edge and polygon selection


i tried the following in the user preferences input map to switch to uv vertex mode:

added a new key map item with these values:
input event = wm.context_set_value
context attibutes = tool_settings.uv_select_mode
value = True, False, False

does anyone know why this is not working?

cheers christian

is selection sync enabled?
do which section did you add the shortcut?

yes, it is in sync, but i don’t want to move with my mouse to the 3d window to switch selection modes.
i added it to image > uv editor

btw. i really like the idea of mode/view/tool dependent shortcuts but it there a way to assign something globally?

if selection sync is enabled, bpy.context.tool_settings.mesh_select_mode is used instead

add to window or screen (global) section for a global hotkey, but keep in mind that certain spaces can override them

i always get this error message … guess i’ll just live with itand hover over the 3d view to switch modes. :wink:


for value, try (True, False, False)
so with parenthesis

ah, with mesh_select_mode and keep in sync it works now ^^