Shortest path selection problem? Blender 2.8


I don’t know if it is only me, but right now I can’t use the “ctrl+Left click” (Shortest path selection) shortcut to select edge vertices or faces .

I downloaded the latest build and it still occur.

Anyone have had this issue?


I had the same issue, it is actually overidden by “Select” in “3D View” category of the keymaps for now I disabled it but I think the selection/deselection keymaps are messed up.

If you have installed box cutter you have to watch the installation video there is a setting to fix.

Everything works fine for me now

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Do you have a shorter explanation? Watching a 33 minute (wandering, chatty, discursive) video doesn’t appeal. – 22 minutes in and it doesn’t seem to have been mentioned.

Also, in PREFS/KEYMAP, Shortest Path does seem to be mapped to CTRL+LCLK, but it simply doesn’t function. How does Keymap display collisions of this nature?


Ugh, I really dislike that guy’s presentation style. The lounge music doesn’t help. He segues into the next topic w/o any break. Bleagh.

Cued up:
Pertinent at 2:25

To resolve the Shortest Path issue w/Box Cutter:
basically, open up the Box Cutter addon prefs, go to its KEYMAP tab, and disable the “Disable CTRL & SHIFT lmb (Edit mode)” option – to be clear, UNCHECK the box.

And this is worth knowing: this didn’t work here until I saved prefs, quit Blender, and relaunched. So, don’t expect it to work immediately.