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We made a little shortfilm with a team in France directed by Lino Cremona. So I made the 3D characters animation, tracking & simulation inside Blender. And all the effects was done with after effect, the composting, the lighting, the incrustation by Lino and Ben Herszhorn.

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Lost in this World

Music by Cosmoners
Directed by Lino Cremona
Assisted by Ben Herszhorn
3d in software by Constantin Semenoff / Blender Profiz
No Green Screen !

Shoot @ Lyon, FRANCE

Lino Cremona, Jacques Loucel, Gaëtan Verrier Bert.

Blender Profiz //

Ytb :

Was the first part of tracking and when we realized the reals textures.
Small hair simulation here same made inside Blender.


This is, one my favorite 3D render animation !

You can see that the Alien with the headphone is pretty happy in this animation. He is curious and interested to see someone differente, without being scared by someone or against him. It gives him positive without jugeing or taking someone unequaled, cause no one can juge the difference of someone who is incalculable in this universe.

More then 20 Aliens tracked in this scene !

Skinhead have Fun !!!

As you can see we put also a Alien head on the shopping bag.

The bakers, this is how we called them. There are not really happy to see the new comers

We didn’t put Alien head on children… for some reason… as you can see the clip is quite methamhoric with severals messages. But why don’t we put Alien head’s ?
First children are young, naive, invulnerable, and joyful. The difference with adults (Aliens in the clip) they are generally soured and they have difficulties to find there joyful when they were young. It doesn’t generalize but It was the sens that we have issued.