ShortWide StepSide - need some help

Hello All,

  Here is one I've been messing with for a while. I borrowed the main cab, hood, and front fenders from a model out of sketchup ( not sure who created the original ), but everything else is mine. I do need some help on the wheels and head lights using cycles. I still need to address several things, inner fender wells, gaps, grill, windshields, also still need to model some more details. Any advice or cc would be much appreciated.  Thanks!   Also attached is my 75 for ref. <img src="/uploads/default/original/4X/8/a/a/8aab849c3f7326888b198646914c3fd05a791fac.png" width="690" height="388"><br/><img src="/uploads/default/original/4X/3/a/b/3ab2fef5bec1c7ef1cd05f9f2f155313c38eda5d.jpg" width="387" height="433"><br/><img src="/uploads/default/original/4X/7/9/e/79ef18965a0edeba0b8b0115c9c5d860027cd04c.jpg" width="690" height="362"><br/>

It looks like the wheels are too low. I don’t know if you intent to keep the front painted blue too, but I would go for aluminium as the picture. For better adjustment of the reflections on the materials I would make up a little ambient scene, maybe a simple garage, because the painting won’t feel real if it has nothing to reflect rather than just the gray horizon.

I am not that good with Nodes, but I think that for a proper material feel you should use some layers, to render good light interactions with the material.