Long time no post! Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Shorty would be a short film :yes:
CHEERS! Will update soon.


Cartoon violence… me like :smiley:




looks good and interesting concept :slight_smile: his shoulder is kinda inside the chair, you can see what i mean in the 5th picture best

nice, love the defocus

Heya, firstly, I really like the concept, BUT! Did you know of this cute little button called “preview” on the defocus node? Disable that button, take a coffee, and once you come back, your DOF will be perfectly smooth instead of grainy like it is now. If you’re not using the defocus node, not sure how you would fix that. No offense, but that grainy fuzz is slightly disturbing. :slight_smile: Cheers!

Yay! testing testing,

includes the intro, me supposedly saying some stuff and also the starring and stuff.

i cannot watch, it says “this is a private video, please log in to vimeo”

oh, sorry hehe
fixed it:

whattup Ave! I like the style! nice transition into cg on the short, I look forward to your updates!

lol, but defocus is a bit aliased, read what radialronnie said earlier. good work so far :slight_smile: