"shot" smoke and fire for not a professional

Hello, i want to create a soviet rocket start scene with a lot of thick smoke and fire, but i find all stuff i know about smoke useless here, will appreciate any feedback, thanks

Welcome :tada:…
i think that’s not the best way to introduce into any community… someone just could say so you don’t know enough yet… but the questions is also: do you know something about simulations in general ??

For example Houdini is famous for it’s very good smooke and fluid simulation… but you also have to be a specialist to make those simulations realy realy good… (and there are also special apps for the purpose of those simulations alone and rendering is done based on this computed data…)

So your question in it’s actual form just could be answered in a general way… or i just unanswerable…
We don’t even know if posting some link about smoke simulations in blender would help or is just wasting time… for you and us ?? :person_shrugging:

So can may want to elaborate this a little further so you can get some proper answers…

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Welcome to BA! :partying_face:

Shorter Okidoki (you can’t yet know how funny that is, coming from me): What do you know about smoke, and in what ways did it not work for you? Some examples of failed attempts might be good; or did you not know enough to get started?


Okay, sorry i see my mistake so i practised blender for about 8 mounths (clean time), And i still dont know enough to start this particular project, i tried searching other people doing this but failed to find anything relatable. Thanks for welcoming)


You may use something like this:|

or this:

to investigate their setup and try to understnad it and then play with it to make it more what you think this should look like… and don’t forget to search for real references… (real life videos)

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