Shotcut now exports Blender friendly EDLs

Now you can edit your videos in Shotcut, export an EDL and import it in Blender VSE for effects etc.:

How to import the exported EDLs in Blender:

  • Open Blender.
  • File > User preferences > Addons > Categories > Import – Export > Import – Export Import EDL > Check it.
  • Click button > Save user settings (so that setting will be used each time you start Blender).
  • Close the user preferences window.
  • Change the combo box in the top bar saying Default to Video Editing.
  • To the right of the time line you’ll see EDL import.
  • Click the open folder button under the offset line and select your edl file.
  • Click ‘Refresh Reels’.
  • Add paths to the missing reels using the open folder buttons.
  • When all is set click ‘Import video sequence (.edl)
  • The time line should now show your Shotcut project.

NB. The edl format limits file names of the source material to 8 characters, and they can’t contain spaces.