ShotDial - Switch Camera Views With One Keypress (1)

ShotDial allows you to switch between camera views quickly and easily with just one keypress. Press Ctrl+W to switch which camera view is active!

ShotDial is a good companion piece to the Stored Views add-on - with Stored Views, you can change camera views with the mouse, but not the keyboard. I personally prefer the keyboard, so I whipped this up. (It also works 100% by itself)

ShotDial lets you switch which camera is previewed in the viewport with just Crtl+W. Works with 1 or a thousand cameras-you’ll loop through back to the first camera when you reach your last.

Press Crtl+W to move forward through camera views, and Crtl+Shift+W to move backwards.

Disclaimer: this is simple enough that you could do it yourself with not too much difficulty. I think of the 1.85 as a tip to me for doing it for you and saving you some time :slight_smile:

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I’ve added an update- now you can add a marker and bind a camera in one keypress: (1)
Currently, it takes at least four clicks to do this in vanilla Blender, and those clicks really add up on a big animation project. This should save you a lot of time :smiley: