Nothing more to say I guess. Enjoy

C&C Apreciated


It’s very close but you still don’t have the pump handle quite right and the barrel shouldn’t taper after the pump handle.

You should fix the image tag too, I think you need the http:// in there.

Very nice woodgrain. :slight_smile:

I think the rear housing is too boxy and angular - the edges are too crisp. Especially the front corner. I agree, too, that the pump seems attached, rather than being able to slide along the magazine tube.

As for the tapering of the mag tube - did you intend that to be a limiter of some sort? Some places only allow you to have a max of 5 rounds in the tube, so that would make some sense. But generally, the mag tube is the same radius all the way down.

Also, the metallic color seems too light or not reflective enough for stainless steel. Is it supposed to be mollied or something? I mean, its a neat look, but doesn’t seem as realistic as the wood grain.

One thing, and it may be hidden by the shadow, but there doesn’t appear to be an opening on the bottom to put the shells into the tube. Hard to reload that way. :slight_smile: