I made this last night… Just looking for some crits on how to make it look a little more nice.
Not sure if I’ll texture this.


good mesh , simple and clean .

look forward to see this with more high poly .
the gun is for a game ?

Yeah it is a game model. Not really sure if it will ever get used.

Thank you for your comment.


Here is a higher poly model. Not really that great at high poly modeling.
It’s now 900 faces, 885verts.


Tweaked some stuff. Added a better stock.

Left one is the higher poly version. Right one is the low poly model.


Some things i noticed, Though i dont know what reference images you are working from.


look mach batter
can you render it with “Ambient Occlusion” and show us ?

Thank you Snaf. The part under the trigger guard was like that in my reference.

Here is screen shots of what I fixed up.
And AO renders,no lights.


very good there :slight_smile:
i dont know nothing about creating meshes for games
dose “Edge split” is accepted? , dose Subserf is accepted?

any way i post an image with the things that i was changing


For subsurf to work in a game you have to apply it.
But that image helped me out a bit. Thank you.

Here is the update.


Back that up! :eek::eek:

Well I guess it does work. I never knew that.

:wink: It’s new, 2.49 I believe.

Yeah I just tried it… It worked.

I think I can call this one finished. Unless anyone else has any other crits.?

How about trying to UV map it and make some texture for it? (or try to bake a normal map from a hi poly version on your low poly shotgun)

The place where the stock attaches to the back of the gun should be thicker. Its way to thin. Other than that its just like a normal shotgun.

I don’t really know how to unwrap things, or make textures…:o

Does the stock look better?


You could just use procedural textures then bake them to a UV. The UV can be as messy as you like, you should use smart projection.

This might be a stupid question, but what is procedural textures? And how would I make them?

Procedural texture are “premade” texture that are in blender. (Ex: cloud, noise, wood, etc)

Oh…Okay well maybe I’ll try to make something.