from Luiz Elias @ vimeo

Finally got a version 1 working with alembic files!
If you are interested in test it you can get a trial version for windows and the elephant walk cycle from here:

I will be publishing video tutorials and documentation on the same link.

the limitation of the trial version is that it’s not possible to export the alembic file from the software.

the elephant animation was done by Karan [email protected],
and the rig by my good friend Giuseppe Chisari [email protected] (I asked him to make the deformation bad on purpose!)

I’m planning to release linux versions next week.
hope you enjoy it!

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as i see it blender can do all this, but instead of using 1 click, you need twenty and the right setup, an addon could be done to sort this out and create a workspace for it in 2.8 would be great.