Shou & Grinkat - GK Adventure - Anime / Manga

I think i can call this models finished now XD (finally)

The WIP:

If you want a special pose as a render, feel free to say ^^

next i’m going for some animations with them (check out the thread too:


The model look good. The hands on both pics need to be in a more natural pose and not look so “Barbie” like. The hand on the sword should be gripping the sword even if only loosely. Nice work though.

  • Floyd

Really nice models, Can you plz sure your toon settings? This style would be perfect for a book am working on…

@ FDameronUT: yeah i was a little bit lazy with the poses ^^"
I may make a better one but i don’t have an idea XD

thanks, check out that pic: /uploads/default/original/3X/8/6/86574451ff74f0cabd199b89f8f31badf038548c.jpgd=1218800330
there i posted all settings they didn’t change till the end :wink:

i think this render should be posted here ^^