Should be famous

This is a very early WIP for a blender re-make of what should be a well known work of art (at least for music lovers in the 70s).

Hell of a long long way to go and likely to take a while.

Not naming it yet in case anyone wants to guess what it’s based on.

OK. Little bit of progress, and starting to realise what a task I’ve set myself. I need to learn how to use smoke. I’m going to have to figure out fluids (need something akin to honey viscosity, or thicker, and that’s before I start on the shader). I need to make the thatch roof look less like a visit to the hairdresser. The building on the left has the correct detail, but is too narrow. The building on the right is around the right dimensions, but detail is wrong. I need to start destructing them, and have more to build (as well as joining the two that are there with virtually derelict bits in between).

BUT. I’m posting this because there is possibly enough there for people to start to see my inspiration.